Detached Youth Work

Like all forms of youth work, detached youth work is about understanding the diverse and unique needs, interests, concerns, and lifestyles of young people to support them. However, unlike centre-based provision, detached youth work takes place in “non-institutional” settings, spaces young people have much more control over.  

At TRAIN, we do detached youth work on the streets, meeting young people in skate parks, town centres, and other places where they spend time – meeting them on their own terms instead of ours. On detached, we engage with young people and signpost them to other services. By doing so, we make sure we respect their space while letting them know where we are if they need us.

Outreach Work

We also do outreach work, delivering youth work in temporary locations, like parks, local events, and schools. With outreach, we let young people know where we are and allow them to come to us. What we do during outreach often depends on the weather. In the past, we’ve had hot chocolate when it’s cold and organised sport-based activities in the summer.