Weekly Update – 21/01/2020

Weekly Update – 21/01/2020

Last week here at TRAIN was certainly packed to the brim! Highlights included:

  • One to one mentoring – Justina met with new young people at UTC she will be carrying out a series of mentoring sessions with this term.
  • Head Start – week 2 of the programme for young people at All Saints at Willowcroft Primary Schools. It was great to see the young people showing greater confidence in voicing their ideas and opinions in the group mentoring sessions compared with the prior week. This week’s topics focused on the effect of stress on the body and how it can be healthily managed, looking at the ‘emotional toolkit’. It has also been brilliant to have already received positive feedback from parents.
  • Young Men’s Group – a brilliant session with young people becoming highly engaged in discussions around the differences between banter and bullying.
  • Dinner and Debate – young people each completed Rosenberg’s self-esteem scale in Tuesday’s session, a selfesteemmeasure widely used in social-science research. Thursday then saw young people focus on the topic of abusive relationships, to support them in better understanding different forms of abuse to recognise the warning signs. One of TRAIN’s Young Leader’s also did a fantastic job supporting with the session.
  • What’s Up – another very positive session with many young people coming along for an evening of games, during which they engaged in both critical and light-hearted conversations.
  • Detached and Outreach – as well as checking key areas around the town to engage with young people out and about, detached and outreach continued to be particularly important for visiting Burger King, following ASB reports.
  • Chill out Friday – following the recent reports of ASB in the town centre, we trialed running a more relaxed, open session on Friday night. With music, games and bean bags, this aimed to offer young people a positive alternative space to spend the evening. All proved very successful, with many young people coming along. As a result we will be continuing with the session for the coming few weeks.
  • Staff also attended multi-agency meetings one of which, held with The Police, Orchard Centre and Burger King staff, supported positive collaborations to address the ASB at Burger King. Following on from our actions last month in response to the reports, TRAIN are continuing to offer 6 days a week of detached and outreach as well as added group mentoring sessions to offer young people an alternative space to socialise in. We continue to support the community but also advocate for the YP.

We hope you all have great weeks and thank you as always for your support. 

Kind regards,

The TRAIN Team

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