Weekly Update – 01/06/2020

Weekly Update – 01/06/2020

We offered many an activity for young people to get involved in during their free time over their half-term breaks last week. 

These included….

  • Interactive worksheets – this week’s worksheet for Dinner & Debate was focused around enhancing young people’s understandings on the big topic of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. This included associated health risks, rules around each and consequences of breaking these! 
  • Instagram Polls – young people were encouraged to have a think about a number of interesting questions for those posted for this week’s Lunch & Debate polls, from the controversial ‘social media accounts should be set to private if you’re under 16’ to the simple ‘everybody should have a pet!’
  • Friday Instagram lives – the floor was open to young people to quiz both Charlotte and Justina on whatever they fancied!
  • Young Men’s Group – young people enjoyed having a good catch up with Harry, to talk about what they have been getting up to and anything on their mind. 

The above complemented staff’s usual 1:1 check in’s with young people and Justina’s hourly 1:1 mentoring sessions, which proved to open up valuable conversations across the week in boosting young people’s moods. In light of the beginning of the final school term, we would like to give another reminder in regards to these FREE 1:1 Virtual Mentoring sessions we have spaces available for*. These comprise 1 hour weekly sessions over a 6 week period and are individually tailored to the young person’s specific needs, to support them with any emotional or behavioural difficulties they may be experiencing. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Senior Youth Worker – Justina via E-mail: justina@didcottrain.org.uk or Facebook: Justina Train. Further info can be found through our 1:1 Mentoring page. 

Considering this week is National Volunteer Week, we would also like to give a huge shout out to all TRAINs Volunteers! We are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated team who bring so much to TRAIN, giving up their time to help in many ways. From driving us to our Explore More trips in the middle of the night to supporting our various sessions and activities, working quietly behind the scenes to keep our IT going or the incredibly hard work put in by the board of Trustees, we can’t thank you all enough. Your commitment is really quite inspiring – inspirations to both us and the young people!

As always, if you are aware of a young person who may like to get involved in our provision, they just need to add @Justina TRAIN, Charlotte TRAIN and Harry TRAIN’s professional accounts on Facebook and Instagram. If you have any questions over the coming days, feel free to get in touch and please let us know if you are interested in being added to our mailing list to receive email notifications for the monthly newsletter and/or weekly update. 

We hope you are all still keeping well and that you have great weeks! Thank you for reading.

Kind regards, 

The TRAIN Team

*open to 11-18 year olds living in Didcot, Harwell or attending a Didcot school.

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