Weekly Update – 07/07/2020

Weekly Update – 07/07/2020

Screen shot taken from If Only

Hello all, we hope you have all been continuing to stay safe and well, whilst safely enjoying revisiting perhaps the odd pub or cafe that you’ve been missing over the expanse of the past few months!

Firstly, welcome to our new website! Over the weekend we wished goodbye to our much loved former website, which has done us very well in helping us share all the wonderful things that have happened at TRAIN back into its history. We apologise to anyone who may have tried to check in whilst the website was down during the transfer but we hope you like the new look – an exciting change for us which lots of work has been going into behind the scenes for a good while. 

Over to the youth work side of the past few days, last week saw the YW team offer another great mix of activities for young people to get involved in through their professional social media accounts, alongside coordinating and offering support through 1:1 check-ins and our communications with other key local services and schools in the area. 

Activities included:

  • Participation Challenges – Harry’s decided to challenge young people to a 13 day challenge to raise awareness around the anxiety disorder PTSD which sadly as many as 1 in 13 people experience in their lives. Good luck to him as he powers on with the 13 reps of 3 different exercises he’s opted for for 13 days! Quizzes – brain teasers and sport were the themes of this week’s quizzes, the latter definitely not being a fortet of a topic for staff this week so well done to those who showed us up!
  • Interactive Instagram polls – there was quizzing to the max last week as, following Wednesday’s brain teaser quiz, Charlotte switched up the usual Instagram polls to post a selection of riddles. These stirred up some lively debates around what the right answers were! Here’s one for you to get you thinking – my hands move but I can’t clap, what am I… (scroll down for the answer!!) 
  • Fun Instagram lives 
  • Short films – Harry posted 20 minute drama ‘If Only’ (MillionYouthMedia) to enhance awareness and encourage conversation around gang and youth violence, communicating the important message that life is largely determined choices and so the importance in aiming to opt for positive ones.   

We look forward to sharing how the upcoming few days end up shaping up and as usual advise you to recommend to any young people you feel may benefit from our activities and support to friend/follow Youth Worker’s on Facebook and Instagram to hear about all they are getting up to: @Justina TRAIN, @Harry TRAIN, @Charlotte TRAIN and @Lisa TRAIN.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, feedback or ideas for us through one of the means specified on our Contact page. For questions regarding referring a young person for our free 1:1 mentoring programme please email justina@didcottrain.org.uk. Further information can also be found through the link to our Mentoring page at the bottom of the page and click here for an overview of our provision throughout these times. 

We hope you all have a good rest of the week and whilst continuing to thank all of you who are still continuing to work endlessly hard to protect our communities, we also wish all the best for all businesses reopening in the area, hoping this month may be a promising, positive one for you all.  

Best wishes, 

The TRAIN Team

Riddle answer: a clock!!

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