Weekly Update 22.09

Weekly Update 22.09

We hope you were all able to have a read of our newsletter last week, perhaps even sat out in this amazing sun we’ve been having. 

This week we have some exciting news… welcome Lucinda! Lucinda will be stepping in as Senior Youth Worker throughout Justina’s maternity leave and had her first day at TRAIN yesterday, to ease into the role before it commences. Although we will miss Justina whilst she is away, we are equally hugely excited to have you on board Lucinda! 

The coming days will see the team heading out to meet young people around the town during detached sessions, between their activities posted through Facebook and Instagram. Lisa is also looking forward to giving out the care packages she packed ready last week for young people regularly engaging with us. Those handed out by Charlotte have been met with lots of excitement so it’s so wonderful to be able to dish out more, containing various items to support young people in taking care of their mental health and wellbeing – from skipping ropes to notepads, face masks and seeds. 

Please head here to find out more about how young people can keep in the know about the activities and support the Youth Work team are offering each week. If you’re keen to sign up to our email list for reminders of our weekly news updates, a sign up link is available at the bottom of our homepage and we would love for you to follow our @DidcotTRAIN Facebook and Twitter accounts!! 

Whilst we await to hear what news the PM will be bringing later on today, we hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you all and please do get in touch if you come to have any questions for us. 

Take care and very best wishes, 

The TRAIN Team